Volunteer drivers provide transport to residents of Woodcote, Crays Pond, Whitchurch Hill, Goring Heath, South Stoke, Ipsden and Checkendon who are unable to drive or use public transport.  We aim to help people to maintain their health, independence and reduce social isolation by taking them to health appointments, the local shop, bank, day centres or social/recreational/wellbeing venues.

All our drivers find it a rewarding way to spend their free time because they know they can make a huge difference to the lives of others! The nature of the role means you will be able to offer your time as often or as little as you are able. Many of the journeys are local but there are times when we may receive requests for trips to Reading and Oxford, although you can choose whether or not to drive that far.

Woodcote Volunteers is run entirely by local volunteers who are either a driver, office helper or trustee (sometimes volunteers have more than one role).  

Become a Volunteer Driver

We appreciate anyone who expresses an interest to offer their time to be a volunteer driver but we do ask that you are able to meet the criteria set out below:

  • Friendly, with an interest in volunteering with older and vulnerable people
  • Enjoy helping in the community
  • Over 18 years old
  • Own your own car and have a full, current, driving licence
  • Be willing to complete a criminal record check (DBS – there is no charge for this)
  • Resident in the local area that we serve
  • Ability to volunteer flexible hours
  • Commitment to maintaining confidentiality
  • Making sure your insurance company is made aware of your volunteering role prior to starting to drive 

What does a volunteer driver role involve?

You will get a daily email listing the drives needed (sometimes if the drive is urgent and within the next couple of days, you will get a phone call) and if you think one of them would suit you, you can click on it to find out more, then accept the booking.  An email is sent to you to confirm all the details and you phone the client to agree a pick up time.  You drive a client to and from their appointment – you may have to wait between these two journeys, depending on the nature of the destination.  

Can I claim expenses?

Clients pay for your expenses at the rate of 45p per mile or £1.50 if the drive is within Woodcote, directly to you in cash.  The mileage begins when you leave your house and ends when you return.

How to apply to be a volunteer driver?

The best place to start is to contact our secretary, Jane Forde by email, providing your details. She will call you for an informal chat during which she can answer your questions and give you more information.

email – contact details click here.

If you think you would like to take it further, Jane will meet up with you in person to go through the paperwork needed and go through the role in more detail.