Woodcote Volunteers wholeheartedly supports the principle of equal opportunities in our organisation. We aim to encourage, value and manage diversity and we recognise that talent and potential are distributed across the population. Not only are there moral and social reasons for promoting equality of opportunity, it is in the best interest of this organisation to recruit and develop volunteers from as wide and diverse a pool as possible. That diversity adds value. 

The organisation’s policy is to afford all volunteers a role in our organisation that is free of discrimination, whether due to sex, trans-gender status, sexual orientation, religion or religious belief, marital or civil partnership status, race, age, colour, nationality, national origins, ethnic origin, disability, responsibility for dependents.  Similarly, our policy with respect to our clients, is that we provide a service that is free from discrimination.

We are opposed to, and will seek to eliminate all forms of unlawful and unnecessary discrimination, and will comply fully with the provisions of the key Equal Opportunities legislation and the recommendations of Associated Codes of Practice. We recognise that promoting equal opportunities is an ongoing commitment and therefore this policy and all systems and procedures associated with this policy will be subject to monitoring and review. 

Scope of the policy 

The policy applies to all volunteers, members and clients. It is each member’s obligation to be sensitive about the impact they have on others and behave in a way that supports this policy when dealing with everyone that they come into contact with in their role. This policy is not designed to discourage normal social relations among colleagues or with the public. This policy applies not only at the organisations premises but anywhere you are working as part of your volunteering, and includes any social occasions organised by the organisation. 


Each volunteer is responsible for their own compliance with this policy. You must report any incidents to the secretary. It is the responsibility of the committee to review and develop the policy where necessary. 

Raising A Complaint 

Volunteers or clients who feel they have been discriminated against should raise the matter with the secretary. Initially the secretary and volunteer/client should aim to resolve the matter informally. It may be that discriminatory action is unwitting and easily resolved once the problem is clear. If they are dissatisfied with the outcome, or the complaint is very serious, or the secretary is the cause of the complaint, the volunteer/client should raise the matter with the Chair of Woodcote Volunteers. Breaches of the Equal Opportunities Policy will be taken seriously and if breached by a volunteer, could lead to withdrawal of volunteer agreements. If breached by a client, it could lead to the withdrawal of our service.

Adopted: April 2022

Review Date: April 2024